ImageThere are days when I wonder what it is I am doing. 

I struggle with things like purpose, and meaning.

I am curious about terms like compassion and understanding.

When I push it all away and I pick up my scissors and pins I can clear my brain. I can focus my thoughts and organize my mind. By organizing my materials and reading my patterns I can do something worth while and produce something viable. I can give something that is constructive. I can produce something valid. 

I may not change the world by making a dress, but it is what I do. And I have to do something.


The Definition of Obsessed!

Everyday, when I roll out of bed, I have a cup of coffee. I just have one, or two….well….I mean, if someone brings me a cup during the day from Starbucks I will drink it. I love anything mint. And sometimes, people at the Mill will make a pot, and I will put a few cents in the change cup and have a little….OK, so I drink a lot of coffee. BUT…I don’t drink soda. Unless it is Pepsi. I love Pepsi…

OK, so I sew. I sew every day. Sometimes I sew 13 hours a day. Sometimes, I take things apart. Sometimes, I destroy things.

But you know, when things are a mess you have to make a mess to work it out. It works that way with relationships. Cleaning the garage. Coloring your hair…

The first thing Adam and Eve did when they realized they were sinful was make aprons. They knew things were going to get messy. They knew that they were going to have to get down and dirty to get it cleaned up.

So, I sew….everyday….I did today. I will tomorrow.

And I will let you know how it goes!

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