You want me for CHEAP?


I don’t understand.

I spend hours, even days. I get up early in the morning and the first thing on my mind is her.

I check emails, and I drink my coffee and I can’t wait to get to her.

I think about her in the shower, and while I fix my hair.

I get excited as I drive to work and I can’t wait to see her.

She is someone to me. She is viable and understanding. She is real. She tries so hard to do as I ask and be what I need her to be. She is always waiting where I left her and never goes on without me. She is a dress….but to me she is so much more.

Her fabric is her skin and she lets me touch it. Her lace is her blush and she never hides it from me. The thread is she and I making some kind of sense out of this crazy world.

She is never going to talk back to me. She is never going to hurt me or disappoint me.

So when someone wants her for “cheap”, when someone tells me she is not worth what I ask for her… Can you look at me and her and say that all our hours together are nothing?

How can someone want her and want to wear her and hold her and take her from me, but they don’t want to pay? They want to separate me from something I created, something I love, but they want to look me in the eye and tell me all my hard work and all my tears are not worth anything.

They want to take her and show their friends, have their picture taken, take their child to the alter of God, GET MARRIED…

But they want her…they want me? FOR CHEAP?